Should You Trust BitiCodes?

Cryptocurrencies have changed the world, and now it is hard to imagine the modern world without them. Do you know why you should trust BitiCodes?

It is an independent cryptocurrency trading robot platform. BitiCodes can trade for the user after some simple calibration.

What’s important, this cryptocurrency trading robot, as opposed to some on the market, can also trade Ethereum, Litecoin, and more popular big cap altcoins using its proprietary algorithms.

According to its website, its automated trading platform is able to make advanced trading decisions in order to produce a sustainable profit, similar to professional day trading.

The purpose of BitiCodes is to ensure the best trading experience and apply the most sophisticated trading strategies.

We need to mention that orders are triggered by highly precise algorithmic trading bots in order to strengthen users’ chances of making a profitable investment or trade.

It is a powerful, innovative, as well as complete auto-trading software designed to catch opportunities in the market.

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BitiCodes and main findings

BitiCodes has the ability to make your life easier. Now, let’s learn more about it.

According to BitiCodes, it works via scalping rather than higher time frame swing trading – taking advantage of price fluctuations on the LTF (long-time frame) chart in order to generate profits as well as automatically set a stop loss and take profit order in no time at all when it does execute a trade.

Furthermore, it claims to be the most profitable form of crypto trading bot on the market. A

And what about demo trading? The platform offers a paper trading account to simulate real money trades.

Being a cryptocurrency trading bot, deposits, as well as withdrawals, can be made in crypto and fiat currency methods.

In the case of crypto deposits as well as cashouts, the processing times are minimal, from instant to just several minutes, depending on network congestion.

BitiCodes Fees

There is no need to worry about account opening and deposit/withdrawal fees because there are no such fees.

Trading Cryptocurrencies with BitiCodes

The platform is created in a way to give you direct access to a wide array of Cryptocurrencies. Users have the opportunity to view all available trading tools, hide unnecessary elements, and track open positions. Furthermore, the platform is fully customizable to suit the traders’ preferences and requirements.

It is no secret that many people stay away from trading out of the initial fear of depositing large amounts of money. Nevertheless, with BitiCodes, users can enter the most profit-driven market with only $250. They can also deposit more money if they wish. Still, this low minimum deposit allows many beginner traders to feel more secure before entering the cryptocurrency market.

Don’t worry; it is easy to use the platform. The vast majority of traders spend between 10-20 minutes daily on their accounts. Of course, users may decide how much time they are willing to invest on a regular basis; still, they can already feel confident knowing that 10-20 minutes a day can result in profits.

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