Is it good to invest in Disney NFT?

Disney dropped its very own NFT collection featuring some of the best characters in the form of NFTs. Having its own IP and a whole universe of various cartoons, the House of Mouse surely has an upper hand when it comes to releasing a Disney NFT collection. 

The Walt Disney Company is an American-based international brand with over a million fans worldwide founded in 1923. As the parent company of some of the greatest media productions including Marvel, Pixar, 20th Century Studios, and many others, Disney has been part of every adult or kid for the last 100 years through storytelling. 

With the popularity of NFTs, Disney partnered up with the VeVe app to drop its collection of famous cartoon characters to showcase its long-lasting legacy in the form of a digital asset. The first Disney NFT collection called the Disney Golden Moments dropped on 7 November 2021 and was completely sold within minutes of its drop. Each Disney NFT was set at the price of 60 gems, which is $60, in a blind box, which means the buyers could only see what they bought after purchasing the NFT. 

Today, the price of the Golden Moments NFT is more than a thousand dollars. The Disney NFT is so high in demand that almost everyone is ready to buy it even at a higher price. 

Why should you buy Disney NFT?

Disney NFT is worth every penny spent. During the initial drop, only a few people were interested in this NFT collection; however, expert investors knew that this digital collectible was much more valuable than any other leading NFT project. 

This is quite true because as soon as the sales closed and Disney NFTs were sold out, the price peaked at an all-time high. The Golden Moments Disney NFT collection really became a gold asset for the buyers. 

Now even if you are ready to buy a Golden Moment NFT during the drop, only luck can bring you the digital collectible due to high demand and traffic. 

So, when you ask yourself, is it good to invest in Disney NFT? Then the answer is yes! Even if you have no experience with NFTs, this project is worth your money and will surely profit you ten times more than its original price. After all, it’s Disney, and nothing associated with Disney can be considered a failure. 

Currently, there are no remaining NFTs left, so buyers have to wait for the next Disney NFT drop to try their luck. So, download the VeVe app and ready yourself for the next Disney NFT collection drop!

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